Check These Out: My Victoria Secret Semi Annual Haul


Victoria Secret and PINK’s Semi-Annual Sale was about two months ago, and I know it’s kind of late, but I just wanted to share and kind of give a brief review of the products I bought during one of their most anticipated sales of the year. I am an Angel card holder and me being one, I try not to go crazy in the store, but with such a good sale, I had to take advantage. Read on to see my Victoria Secret haul.

Body Scrubs

This one is called Petal Polish, it has a smooth texture, and it smells so good. The scent is called Tease. Plus this was 60 percent off, which cost me $7.80 vs $19.50.

Aloe-Ha Scrub

Now this is one of my favorites, I mainly use this as a face scrub, I mean after all this scrub contains Aloe Vera, something my face loves. And the scent smells great, it kind of reminds me of Cucumber Melon, plus the price was a steal at $3.99.

Candy Rose Lip Scrub

At $3.99 I had to buy this scrub, plus it smells great. I only bought one, since that’s all I needed lol

Scrub Swatches

Just in case you’re wondering what the scrubs look like on skin.
(left to right: Aloe-Ha Scrub, Petal Polish, and Candy Rose Lip Scrub)


Body Sprays

I love VS body sprays; They have great scents and sales. I wasn’t gonna go to the Semi Annual Sale, without purchasing some sprays; Plus they were $3.99 including the lotion, so why not ? lol – And all of these smell so good.


Good Vibes or Goodbye

Fragrance Notes: Fragrant Lily, Pineapple breeze, Pink sunsets

IMG_4066 (1)

Never Ending Summer (My favorite of the three)

Fragrance Notes: Fresh Bergamot, Sapphire Seas, Island Hopping


Poppy Star

Fragrance Scent: Radiant Jasmine, Wild Freesia, Bloom Away


I don’t know about y’all, but I look forward to VS/PINK’s Semi Annual sale every year, until the next haul…Thanks for reading !

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