✰ Instagram Account Favorites ✰

Hi everyone, I know its been a while since I’ve been on here, so today I will be sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I follow. These accounts range from inspiring to fun to aesthetically pleasing, and I’m so happy to be following these ladies. Although we are quarantined, for me following these pages make this whole situation easy to deal with, especially when the accounts you follow, you also admire and share the same interests. Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts:


@colormecourtney – a NYC blogger who knows all about color, confidence, and positivity. Courtney is also helpful and kind enough to share #colormeclassroom tips for bloggers, creators, etc. on how to flourish on Instagram. (She post these tips on Tuesdays)


@colormemagic – Courtney ( @colormecourtney) also runs this account and is a great page to follow if you have a love for Disney, Harry Potter, Broadway, and style. (Also features fun challenges to participate in)

IMG_2787 (1)

@golden_aimeee – Aimee is an iced-coffee lover with a love for affordable fashion, traveling, Disney, true-crime, and horror movies. She’s kind and doesn’t mind sharing great shopping deals to her followers. (who doesn’t love deals ?!)

IMG_2788 (1)

@brazzledazzleday – Chelsea is one of the most informed person when it comes to feminism, minority rights, and the 2020 election. She also loves Disney and is one of my favorite Disney bounders, plus we both share a love for Dr. Strange.


@victoriouslogan – A few things you’ll find on Vicky’s page: great pics of her dope outfits, she serves up some amazing makeup and hair looks. And for sneakerheads her shoe collection is fire.

IMG_2797 (1)

@breekish – A few things I love about Bree is her confidence and her style. Her style is cute, quirky, and colorful. Bree also loves Disney, horror movies, and theming her outfits.


@ohyeahem – I love seeing Emily and her husband exploring the parks at Disney World and Universal Studios. Their pics are wonderful, and a pleasure to see. Emily loves fun, and colorful fashion, and her dog Rosie is just the cutest.


@lyssamariexo – Your virtual curlfriend. This describes her perfectly. Alyssa’s big chop journey has been amazing. Plus she is always providing her followers with tips and tutorials on make up looks, her skincare regimen, and of course her hair routine.


@anaistori – Anais has a great feed. It’s so aesthetically pleasing. She also doesn’t mind sharing beauty tips, such as makeup, skin care, and fashion deals. On a few occasions she was even kind of enough to gift her followers with a free cup of coffee.


@emmasedition – Emma is always providing her followers with tips on to building a successful platform, whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or maybe someone who is just an Instagrammer. Plus I love her blog, it’s very descriptive and helpful.


@disneylandmermaid – A true Hallowqueen she is. Yvette is a Disney fanatic with a love for horror movies. I love her fun, spooky, and colorful style. Plus she has great photos on her feed. The perfect mix of spooky and Disney.

IMG_2790 (1)

@delaneyschild – Delaney has great style. I would describe her style as chic, cute, comfy, and vintage. Plus she gives her followers great tips on make up, skincare, and links her clothes for her followers.


@ownbyfemne – Curls, travel, and style are the words I use when I think of Rene. She’s a ray of sunshine with a great love of traveling, style, and dancing. She inspires you to travel the world.


@snitchery – She’s so creative and her account is one of my favorite make up pages on Instagram. She also serves up some cute and amazing cosplays, costumes, and Halloween looks. Her page is worth checking out !

These ladies are just some of my favorite accounts that I follow on Instagram. Are you familiar with any of these accounts ? Would you check their pages out ? I’m all for great content, creativity, and inspiration, and these ladies bring those qualities, so I thank you for reading this post, and hopefully you’ll check their page(s) out !

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