Thoughts On Drive-In Movie Theaters

Drive In

Hi there, let’s talk about drive-in movie theaters. I’m a proud AMC Stub member and going to the movies was something I loved to do each month. Now since Covid-19 has happened, the last time I went to the movies was back in March, and I really miss going to the movie theater. I understand the need to close down the theaters due to Covid-19, but I really miss going.

Now while some states and cities have drive-in movie theaters, the city where I stay doesn’t have one or at least I’m not aware if there is one where I stay. I haven’t been to one since I was little. While a drive-in theater is a different movie experience than a regular theater, I certainly think it’s a great option to explore for moviegoers or if you enjoy going to the movies every now and then. I’m a pretty optimistic person, but I do feel that this Covid-19 situation will continue for the rest of the year, unfortunately. It might do some good or be a good idea to open more drive-in movie theaters. I kinda think new releases being shown at a drive-in theater, might be a pretty good idea. It’d be a little exciting, although different, and you’d have to make sure you get a good parking spot, but its something to consider doing. This year, I planned on seeing many movies this year, that were on My Most Anticipated Movies Of 2020 list but sadly with release dates being pushed back, I only got the chance to see a few of them this year.

Do you go to the movies often ? How do you feel about going to a drive-in movie theater ? As always thanks for reading, catch you next time !

Drive thru theater


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