A Few Of My Favorite Small Shops

On today’s blog post I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite small shops that I discovered on Instagram. Maybe you’ll discover some new shops as well after reading this post. 

Pixie Cases, The Muggle Mouse, and Get It Creations

These shops sell the most magical, cutest, phone cases and each of these three shops are unique in their designs which I love. Of course I came across their pages on Instagram, and I fell in love with their phone cases. These shops have Pop Culture cases that range from Harry Potter to Disney, and the designs are really adorable and affordable. Not only do these shops sell phone cases, but they also sell the following, depending on the shop: pop sockets, t-shirts, stickers, etc. I have to control my self when they have new releases lol.

Click here for Pixie Cases website. // Instagram Name: @pixiecases

Click here for The Muggle Mouse website. // Instagram Name: @themugglemouse

Click here for Get it Creations website. // Instagram Name: @get.it.creations

Left: Pixie Cases // Center: The Muggle Mouse // Right: Get It Creations

Makings Of A Dreamer

Okay so Jaztine is really creative with her products. Her shops sells handmade wire floral ears and great quality iron on patches. I’ve ordered a lot of patches over time, although I haven’t ironed them on anything yet, I am so ready to. Jaztine also does customized ears alongside those that are currently in the shop. I also love how every few weeks there are new patches that drop, which is so exciting lol.

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @makingsofadreamer


Radical Dreams Pins

This Black Women owned and operated shop has some amazing pins. These pins range from historical black figures in history to current iconic black figures. There’s also pins with inspiring words and phrases on them. Also a portion of all proceeds goes to a community organization or initiative. These pins are so detailed and well made, which I really love. This shop also sells patches, stickers, and more items !

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @radical_dreams_pins


My Magic Beads

Yvette is patient, sweet, hard-working, and creative, she also cares about making sure her customers are happy with their products. My Magic Beads sells adorable beaded bracelets with varying styles, such as mickey mouse shaped beads to colorful beads to gold and silver beads. Not only are the bracelets cute, but they are also affordable, and make great gifts for yourself, family, and friends !

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @mymagicbeads

IMG_1151 (1)

Magical Creations Café and Happily Ever Cozies

These two shops sell the most adorable coffee cozies that I’ve seen. Both shops have their own unique take on the cozies, which I love. These cozies range from Marvel to Disney to Holiday themed, plus many more. When drinking your hot or iced coffee, you can do so while your cup looks cute. Currently Magical Creations Café cozies are on hold, but you can shop her other products she has. Happily Ever Cozies, has shop openings after she finishes making rounds of cozies, but is currently closed now.

Click here for Magical Creations Café website. // Instagram Name: @magicalcreationscafe

Click here for Happily Ever Cozies website. // Instagram Name: @happilyevercozies

Left: Magical Creations Café // Right: Happily Ever Cozies

Stylish Sista

This is another black owned shop that sells hand drawn prints, stickers, and wall banners which are so cute. I bought a few sticker sheets from this shop, which I love. These products range from inspiring phrases to current pop culture icons like Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé, just to name a few. Whether you rock these stickers on your laptop or cup, you’ll be turning heads. Plus who doesn’t love cute stickers and prints.

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @stylishsista 

IMG_1154 (3)

My Oh My Supply Co. (MOMSCO)

This women ran business has some of the cutest tees and crew sweatshirts. And their items vary in regards to pop culture. They also have other cute products such as stickers and pins. Another exciting thing about this shop is when they release new products, because new shop releases are always exciting right ? lol. If you want cute, modern, and comfy pop-culture clothing, then MOMSCO is a shop you should check out.

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @myohmysupplyco


The Fawn Doe

What else does a cup needs to look cute beside a coffee cozy ? Ummm you also need straw charms. Look no further than this shop for the cutest straw charms. They are colorful and sparkly. And the themes range from Marvel to Harry Potter. Like holy cow these charms are adorable, plus they are affordable. The Fawn Doe also sell customized Starbucks coffee cups and keychains to name a few. Once the shop reopens again, I will be buying more straw charms lol

Click here for the website. // Instagram Name: @thefawndoe

Well this wraps up me discussing a few of my favorite small shops. Will you be checking any out ?  Until next time, thanks for reading !


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