Movies And TV Shows I’ve Watched In January (Reviews)

I usually share brief movie and tv show reviews on my Instagram stories after I’ve watched them on streaming services, but then I thought it’d be great to also share them on here. In the past I just shared my reviews on movies I’ve seen in the theaters on my blog, but since movie releases in the theaters is uncertain I’ll share movie and tv show reviews on here, including those I’ve seen in theaters or on streaming services. I’ll be sharing movie and tv show reviews I’ve watched each month. So you’ll be getting these reviews toward the end of the month or the beginning of the following month. Keep on reading for January’s movie and tv show reviews:

TV Shows

Bridgerton – Season 1 (2020) – Rating: 4/5

I enjoyed watching Bridgerton. This show is executive produced by Shonda Rhimes and it just has her touch, including a diverse and talented cast, a good storyline, and great dialogue. This historical romance series set in the Regency era is both modern and refreshing. The characters are interesting and well acted, I also have a few character favorites. Expect to hear about some scandals and gossip, since the show’s society lives off it lol. Bridgerton is exciting, entertaining, hot, steamy, and delightful.

Streaming On: Netflix

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina – Part 4 (2020) – Rating: 4/5

I really enjoyed watching CAOS, so I’m sad this is the last season. This season’s plot was exciting, I loved that it was about the Eldritch Terrors which was interesting and gave an apocalyptic feel to the show’s season. The cast and characters were great as always. Also at times Sabrina was a little hard headed and didn’t follow instructions given to her by her family, which made me a little annoyed with her lol. The show also had a few surprises that I did not expect. Season 4 is dark, witchy, and entertaining. The show’s ending was good, although I wanted a different outcome.

Streaming On: Netflix

Dark Desire – Season 1 ( 2020) – Rating: 5/5

I really enjoyed watching Dark Desire. The series is in Spanish, but with the English subtitles you’ll be good to go. The cast also gave really good performances, although to me some of the characters were annoying/their actions were (especially Dario for example). Alma visits her best friend (Brenda), they go clubbing, which then leads to Alma having an affair with a younger guy (Dario) which then is followed by obsession, and secrets. From the very first episode I was hooked and that never changed throughout the season. Dark Desire is suspenseful, entertaining, exciting, and has lots of twists.

Streaming On: Netflix

Lupin – Part 1  (2021) – Rating: 5/5

I really enjoyed Lupin. I love the whole idea of Assane Diop (played amazingly by Omar Sy) being inspired by the stories of Arséne Lupin to get his revenge on the man that framed and sent his father to jail. He was able to not get caught by the police by using his charisma, disguises, and being a master thief. I also love that this is a French tv series, because it’s so perfect for the show’s plot. Lupin is exciting, clever, thrilling, fun, captivating and has its funny moments. I wish there were more than five episodes, but I know part two is on the way and I cannot wait.

Streaming On : Netflix


One Night In Miami… (2020) – Rating: 5/5

Man this movie was so good. The cast was amazing. I loved the performances of the four main stars: Eli Goree (Cassius Clay), Aldis Hodge (Jim Brown), Leslie Odom Jr. (Sam Cooke) and Kingsley Ben-Adir (Malcolm X), I mean these guys were fantastic. I loved the friendship, and the brotherhood amongst these men, although it was occasionally met with stirred arguments, but it didn’t break that bond. One Night In Miami… is emotional, beautifully written and directed, powerful, entertaining, and a must watch.

Streaming On: Prime Video

Sightless (2020) – Rating: 3.5/5

I enjoyed watching Sightless. The cast did a good job, and Madelaine Petsch (Ellen) played the role really well. I did not expect the movie to end the way it did, but I thought it was a nice plot twist(s). I disagree with how one particular character went about doing things, but that character is in for a treat lol. The movie did have me in suspense, and during some scenes my heart would race and I was scared for Ellen since she’s getting adjusted to her sight being gone. Sightless is suspenseful, psychological, and has a few plot twists.

Streaming On: Netflix

Ava (2020) – Rating: 2.5/5

Ava is a pretty decent film. It didn’t give me many exciting moments or had me feeling excited, but the movie isn’t bad. The cast was great and featured actors like Jessica Chastain, Geena Davis, John Malkovich, and Colin Farrell. In addition to Ava being an assassin she also has a target on her back, so we get to see Jessica Chastain kicking butt on screen, which I love to see. Ava kind of reminds me of a female John Wick. This movie has action, it’s entertaining, and although it didn’t leave a lasting impression on me, I say give this movie a shot.

Streaming On: Netflix

Dangerous Lies (2020) – Rating: 3.5/5

Okay so I enjoyed watching Dangerous Lies and the cast also did a good job. As the film went on I was getting suspicious of Adam, because of how he was acting and sometimes he would get on my nerves, this behavior and more played a part in the movie’s suspense and my suspicions. One thing I wanted to mention was how the detective tried to link the diner’s robbery to Adam as if it had something to do with the death of Mr. Wellesley, which it didn’t. While this movie is no masterpiece, Dangerous Lies is suspenseful, entertaining, and has a few twists.

Streaming On: Netflix

#Alive (2020) – Rating: 4/5

When a mysterious virus that turns people into zombies breaks out, Oh Joon-woo is home alone and has to survive while the zombies are running throughout his apartment complex. The two main characters played by Yoo Ah-in (Oh Joon-woo ) and Park Shin-hye ( Kim Yoo-bin ) were good in their roles, and also had good chemistry, at times these two made me laugh. I also liked how the movie is fast paced, it doesn’t take too long for the action to start. The special effects are really good too, I mean those zombies looked creepy. I enjoyed watching #Alive, it’s thrilling, and entertaining.

Streaming On: Netflix

Outside The Wire (2021) – Rating: 2.5/5

Outside The Wire is an okay film. The cast gave strong performances and the two leads played by Anthony Mackie and Damson Idris had a funny/serious relationship, which made for a likely pair. After disobeying an order a drone pilot is paired up with an Android officer and the two are sent to a war zone to stop a nuclear attack. Outside The Wire had a great amount of action, which is something you’d expect from these films. There were some things in the movie that happened that I didn’t expect, which gave it a slight twist. The movie kept me entertained, although I’m not sure if it’s something I’d watch again. It’s fast paced, suspenseful, and slightly intense.

Streaming On: Netflix

5/5: Love It, Must Watch

4.5/5: Amazing

4/5: Great

3.5/5: Very Good

3/5: Good

2.5/5: Pretty Good

2/5: Meh (Not Impressive)

1.5/5: Bad

1/5: Horrible

This wraps up January’s movie and tv show reviews. Have you watched any of these films or shows ? Let me know in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you for my February round of monthly watches.

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