Say Goodbye To Browning Apples

Left: Apple slices not placed in pineapple juice. // Right: Apple slices placed in pineapple juice.

Last weekend when my siblings and I had game night, we each decided to bring something to snack on, which I’ll go into further details on another blog post. I decided to make my fruit tray and some fruit dip, since I always make it for parties/gatherings that I throw. I always put green grapes on my fruit tray, but Wal-Mart only had the small ones, so I had to decide on another fruit to use. I thought about how I like Granny Smith apples, and how apples in general turn brown quickly, but then my brother told me that he heard that using pineapple juice keeps them from turning brown so fast, that’s when I decided to go for it. I’ll just briefly discuss what I did and will link the website that I also referenced. Keep on reading to see how to prevent your apples from browning so quickly.

Okay so a lot of times after you cut or bite into an apple it starts to turn brown, which can be annoying. After my brother told me about how I can use pineapple juice to prevent apples from turning brown quickly. I also googled it and found this website. Now I did follow the instructions from the website, but I also did my own thing lol. Instead of mixing one tablespoon of pineapple juice and one cup of water like the website instructed, I did a cup of water and just filled the bowl up with enough pineapple juice just to cover up the apple slices. (see the pic below)

Apple slices soaking in some water and pineapple juice.

After I took them out of the pineapple juice, I then placed some onto the fruit tray and some into a sandwich bag. Not only do they not turn brown but they also have a pineapple taste to them (yum). It has been two days since the apples were in the pineapple juice and they still didn’t turn brown, but after the two days I just ended up eating the apples that were in the pineapple juice, because they were too good lol. I’m sure the apples would’ve stay crisp for a few more days. I like eating apples and after using pineapple juice to prevent them from browning quickly, I definitely will be eating more. You can see from the pics below how the apples that were in the pineapple juice are still looking fresh and crisp (on the right) compared to the apples on the left which are turning slightly brown.

For those who enjoy eating apples, but don’t like that they turn brown quickly, I think using pineapple juice is a great way to prevent them from turning brown so fast. It’s easy and the result is a tastier apple lol. Let me know if you’ve tried any ways to prevent apples from turning brown or would you try this method ? As always thanks for reading, see you next time.

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