Making Chicken & Spinach Tomato Flatbread

I love me some flatbread and I feel it is a lighter option for when you want pizza or even if you just enjoy eating flatbread in general. We’d eat this flatbread for a snack or light lunch, and it taste great. Plus it’s easy, and quick to make. Keep on reading to see how to make chicken & spinach tomato flatbread.

Here are the things I used to make the flatbread:

Chicken fajitas bag

Fresh spinach

A tomato

Flatout flatbread

Galbani mozzarella cheese

GEM extra virgin olive oil

Tostitos creamy spinach dip



Just a reminder that you can use whatever brand you want when it comes to these ingredients. You don’t specifically have to use what I used.

Making the flatbread

The chicken from the bag comes in strips so I take a few pieces out to dice them up. I didn’t include a picture of the cooked chicken below, but I cooked it in the air fryer, you can do the same or you can cook it on the stove.

I take a flatbread, put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on and spread it, then I put a layer of creamy spinach dip on top.

I have my mozzarella cheese slices or chunks that I cut up, and place them all over, along with some spinach, and tomato slices.

I then add chicken to the flatbread and top it off with some basil and oregano, and put the flatbread into the oven on 350° for 5-7 minutes (or when you see that the cheese is melted). Then take it out to either cool off or eat it when it comes hot out of the oven, and enjoy.

I love eating this chicken flatbread for lunch or dinner. It’s so good, and simple to make. Do you like eating flatbread, if so I think you’ll love this one. You can also eat this with chips, a smoothie or both. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time.


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