Joker (Movie Review)


Release Date: October 04, 2019

Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery & Suspense

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert DeNiro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy, Shea Whigham

Summary (from Rotten Tomatoes):

“Joker” centers around the iconic arch nemesis and is an original, standalone fictional story not seen before on the big screen. Phillips’ exploration of Arthur Fleck, who is indelibly portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, is of a man struggling to find his way in Gotham’s fractured society. A clown-for-hire by day, he aspires to be a stand-up comic at night…but finds the joke always seems to be on him. Caught in a cyclical existence between apathy and cruelty, Arthur makes one bad decision that brings about a chain reaction of escalating events in this gritty character study.

Review By Me

The Joker is one of the greatest comic book villains ever, and one of my favorites. I fell in love with The Joker when Heath Ledger portrayed him in 2008’s The Dark Knight. He gave an amazing performance as the character, which earned him praise for fully immersing himself into this role; This also earned him a well-deserved Oscar. A little over a decade later, a film on the origins of the iconic villain is now out, starring the talented Joaquin Phoenix. When I heard a Joker film was being released I was excited because The Joker is a great villain. The fact that Joaquin Phoenix is starring in this role is perfect, because he is a great actor. The entire cast of the movie was great: Zazie Beetz, Robert DeNiro, and Frances Conroy, but the star of the film is no doubt Joaquin Phoenix. I loved him when he starred as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line, and I love him even more in this role. The role of The Joker has great character development, and Joaquin brought that darkness and tragedy to the role. My favorite part of the movie is maybe about the last 45 minutes to a hour of the film, when Arthur Fleck, embraces his Joker alter ego; That last hour of the movie gave me chills, I loved it ! Another thing about this movie is the suspense; It’s like you don’t know what will happen next, but I think that’s a great thing. The director of the movie, Todd Phillips did an extraordinary job with Joker, he captured the story of the character so well with the darkness and grittiness. The cinematography and score were brilliant, I wouldn’t be surprised if the movie received Oscar nominations for its cinematography, score, and more. Joker is an amazing, dark, gritty, and intense masterpiece taking us into the origin of Gotham’s and comic book’s iconic and greatest villain. Joaquin Phoenix gives a tour de force performance, which deserves an Oscar nomination and a win for sure ! This movie is one of the best comic book movies I’ve seen and is one of my favorite movies of the year ! Joker is a cinematic piece of art and a movie that I would go see again. This is a must see film ! Have you guys seen Joker ? Or do you plan on seeing it ? Let me know in the comment below. As always thanks for reading !

* Rating: 5/5 *










IT: Chapter Two (Movie Review)


Release Date: September 06, 2019

Genre: Horror

Cast: Bill Skarsgard, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa, Jay Ryan, James Ransone, Andy Bean

Summary (from Rotten Tomatoes): 

Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club in a return to where it all began with “IT Chapter Two,” the conclusion to the highest-grossing horror film of all time. Twenty-seven years after the Losers Club defeated Pennywise, he has returned to terrorize the town of Derry once more. Now adults, the Losers have long since gone their separate ways. However, kids are disappearing again, so Mike, the only one of the group to remain in their hometown, calls the others home. Damaged by the experiences of their past, they must each conquer their deepest fears to destroy Pennywise once and for all…putting them directly in the path of the clown that has become deadlier than ever.

Review By Me

I loved 2017’s IT, it’s one of my favorite horror movies, so of course I could not wait for IT: Chapter Two to be released. The first one was really good and so I knew the second one would be great as well. IT: Chapter Two takes place 27 years later, after the Losers Club make a pact to return to Derry, if IT (Pennywise) returns. I bought the book a while ago and had plans to have it completed before I went to see the second part, but time got the best of me; However, I still plan to continue and finish the book. Within the first 15- 20 minutes of the movie, it’s like what I had read was right in front of me on the screen. I was pretty excited, because I did not think those specific parts of the book, would be in the movie, for some reason, it was exciting to me. Now let’s talk about the Losers Club. I think the casting of the grown-up version of the kids was perfect, look wise and personality wise. They all did a great job of acting. I also loved how we were able to see flashbacks of the young Losers Club, including scenes we did not see in the first film, it was kind of nostalgic. Let’s talk about the star of the film, Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I love Bill as Pennywise; he gives a great performance, just like how he did in the first film. He’s menacing, creepy, and terrifying. I read some reviews where some people were complaining about the film’s length being almost three hours long; I did not have a problem with the film’s length, but I kind of feel that since the book is over 1,000 pages, an almost three hour long film should not be a problem. Also, Bill Hader playing the older Richie Tozier, I read that people thought the movie had too many funny scenes/ jokes. This character is known to be funny, and he crack jokes. I was expecting him to be funny in this film and I did not think it was a problem. We did not see Pennywise much in the film, but his slight absence made it more terrifying, because he would manifest into their fears, which is pretty scary enough ! Andy Muschietti did a great job with the second part of IT, just like he did with the first one. This is a well-written film, as well as an intense emotional ride – for the audience and the characters. This film contained a few surprises, but that may be because the audience may not have read the book, or the director wanted to add an element of surprise to the film; I loved the movie and would recommend this film to watch. IT: Chapter Two is a great conclusion to the story and I think it is just like the first film: a horror masterpiece; Let me know in the comments if you plan on seeing this film, if not You’ll Float Too ! As always thanks for reading !

* Rating: 5/5 *

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John Wick : Chapter 3 – Parabellum (Movie Review)

JW 10

Release Date: May 17, 2019

Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, Angelica Huston, Mark Dacascos

Summary (from Rotten Tomatoes):

In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn.

Review By Me

Yay, so I finally got to see John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum lol. Me seeing a movie this late in theaters is rare for me, because I watch them the first or second week they come out. This movie is on my Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019 list (go check this blog post out to see what movies made the list); But hey better late than never, right ? Last year I watched John Wick and John Wick 2 and fell in love with the films. If you’ve seen the previous John Wick films, then you know that John had killed a new member of the High Table at New York City’s the Continental and is declared excommunicado by the High Table and has a $14 million bounty placed on him. This movie picks up right after the last film and takes us on an action fueled ride. In John Wick 3, we got to see characters from the two previous films played by Laurence Fishbourne, Ian McShane, and Lance Reddick, with of course Keanu Reeves as John Wick. I love Keanu as John, he has that cool laidback personality, the moves, and knows how to fight. Keanu is perfect in this role. We also got to meet new characters played by Angelica Huston, Halle Berry, and Mark Dacascos who all added something great to the film, whether they were with or against him. Also let’s talk about the action in this movie, which is amazing ! There were assassins coming left and right at John to claim that $14 million bounty and of course he always came out on top; Whether its breaking a guy’s neck with a library book or killing a guy with five knives, I was just looking at the screen in awe. I especially loved seeing Keanu’s and Halle Berry’s character fighting alongside with her dogs, they were kicking some butt. John Wick 3 is an adrenaline, fueled, action packed, and fun film, plus I’m also thinking a fourth film will be in the works. Its one of my favorite films of the year; If you are a fan of this franchise or haven’t seen them, I highly recommend you to check them out; And if you have seen John Wick 3 let me know what you think in the comments below !

*Rating: 5/5 *


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Toy Story 4 (Movie Review)


Release Date: June 21, 2019

Genre: Animation, Kids & Family

Cast: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Keegan- Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Joan Cusack

Summary (from Rotten Tomatoes):

Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) has always been confident about his place in the world, and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. So when Bonnie’s beloved new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky (voice of Tony Hale), declares himself as “trash” and not a toy, Woody takes it upon himself to show Forky why he should embrace being a toy. But when Bonnie takes the whole gang on her family’s road trip excursion, Woody ends up on an unexpected detour that includes a reunion with his long-lost friend Bo Peep (voice of Annie Potts). After years of being on her own, Bo’s adventurous spirit and life on the road belie her delicate porcelain exterior. As Woody and Bo realize they’re worlds apart when it comes to life as a toy, they soon come to find that’s the least of their worries.

Movie Review: 

When I saw Toy Story 3, I thought like many others, that it would have ended the popular franchise. As June 21 got closer, I was excited to watch this movie. The Toy Story franchise is one of my favorites from Pixar; The memorable characters, the stories, what’s not to love. Toy Story 4 had everyone’s favorite characters back: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, The Potato Heads, Slinky Dog, the Aliens, Hamm, Rex – “The Good Old Gang”. We also got introduced to some new characters like we always do; Not to reveal the plot, but if you’ve seen Toy Story 3, then you know how the Toys ended up with Bonnie, after Andy went off to college. In this film Woody goes on an adventure with Bonnie’s new toy, who thinks he’s not a toy lol, so Woody goes after him to bring him back, which he is doing to make sure Bonnie is happy. The animation in this movie is amazing, the details, the vivid colors; its like the animation gets better with each movie. Now let’s move on to the voice actors; The dynamic duo of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, along with a slew of other actors, who brings these amazing characters to life, you gotta love these actors and characters. A few new characters we get to meet are: Duke Caboom, Ducky and Bunny, Officer Dimple McGiggles, and Forky (who are voiced respectively by: Keanu Reeves, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Ally Maki, and Tony Hale). Without spoiling the movie, there are some surprises in the film, especially the ending ! (wow ! ) I loved Toy Story 4 so much, I would go see it again. This movie is fun, surprising, heartwarming, and has that Pixar humor that we love. I laughed, smiled, and teared up. This movie is definitely my favorite of the sequels and I recommend Toy Story fans and Disney Pixar lovers to see this movie; If you’ve seen Toy Story 4, what did you think ? Let me know if you want to discuss it below..Or if you plan on seeing it drop a comment below ! Thanks for reading !

* Rating: 5/5 *

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