Guess Who’s A Brand Ambassador For Pura Vida Bracelets ?

I’m so excited to announce that a few weeks ago I became a brand ambassador for Pura Vida Bracelets; If you aren’t familiar with this company I’m going to tell you a little about them below; I love the cute and affordable jewelry that Pura Vida makes, and that they are all about charity, and providing work for many artisans, who makes the bracelets you see above. 

About Pura Vida

It All Started.. In the summer of 2010 when two Southern California friends—Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman—took a college graduation trip down to Costa Rica. Between the stunning sunsets, killer surfing, cool beach towns and awesome people, it didn’t take long for Griffin and Paul to fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle…(Read more on how Pura Vida Bracelets became at this link:

This is one of my favorite rings, it says dainty and cute ! 

Pura Vida Is All About Charity

At Pura Vida… giving back has always been at the core of what we do, which is why we also created the Charity Collection. Over the last few years, we’ve partnered with more than 175 charities around the world to donate nearly $2.2 million to causes you care about. We’re always striving to do more and are constantly on the lookout for more charities that can benefit from Pura Vida Bracelets.


As a brand ambassador for Pura Vida, I’m excited to share a special code with you so you can save 20% off your order on Just be sure to use my code for your 20% off: JAMONICAWILLIAMS20 and here’s a link for you to do some shopping:

Here are some rings I purchased, which are also among Pura Vida’s popular rings. They also have cute patches, which I cannot wait to put on my jean jacket.

You know what’s sweet ? With every purchase from Pura Vida Bracelets  you get these stickers; I have some on my laptop. These stickers are cute, colorful, and positive. What a great bonus ! 

Thanks for reading this post ! I hope you visit their website to read more of their story and of course while you’re there why not browse and maybe shop, there are so many options. All of Pura Vida’s products make great gifts for yourself, family, and friends, so why not 😉

Save 20% off your order by using my code: JAMONICAWILLIAMS20 (Happy Shopping ! )

Halloween Decoration Ideas Anyone ?


It’s finally October you guys ! My favorite and the BEST month of the year is here lol. I love Halloween, and Fall; And let’s not forget Horror movies; I mean I watch those year round, but hey watching them during October makes it even more awesome ! 

This will just be a quick post on me decorating my room for Halloween, and letting you guys know where I got my decorations from. Let’s start ! 

IMG_1179 (1)

This is a poster I had from last year and it was still in good condition; So why not use it ? I mean IT (2017) is one of my favorite horror films and Pennywise is a favorite of mine.. I  bought this poster from Wal-Mart for $5.00 and it looks good on my closet door.


Now this Beware or Caution tape you can get from Dollar Tree as well; But I got this particular tape from Walmart, only cost me $0.98; It’s simple but an effective piece of decoration; This is on my other closet door. 


This is my small table that is by my DVD rack and window ! I couldn’t wait to decorate this little section. Yes the table is small, but it is just enough lol… I got the ‘Hello Pumpkin’ mug from Marshalls, I believe it was $4.99; The ‘scary’ sign is from Dollar General, which costs me a dollar. The small, glitter pumpkin comes in a pack of three pumpkins from Target for $3.00, and the lights on the wall are from Dollar Tree (Yep $1.00)

Non-Halloween items:

Desk light : $5.00 from Five Below

Desk plant: $4.00 from Target

Picture Frame: $1.00 from Dollar Tree // Picture inside frame, found on Google.

Small Table: $ 5.00 from Five Below 

IMG_1166 (1)

These decorations are placed on my nightstand. I used a Starbucks Frappuccino glass bottle for the flower vase, and put some fall themed flowers from Dollar Tree; The candle comes from Bath and Body Works, which I got on sale for $14.95; The pumpkin on top was a free gift (it’s magnetic). The purple glittery light up skull (I have a few of these at work too) are from Dollar Tree. 

IMG_1207 (1)

Here’s another view of my flowers; The crystals are glow in the dark and they’re from Michaels, which cost about $4.99; I thought this was a nice touch lol; I also have another dollar sign from Dollar General, that says ‘Beware’. 


Just a cute and simple pumpkin banner hanging behind my T.V. that I got from Walmart for $0.98. 

IMG_1154 (1)

This cute sparkly spider web came from Dollar Tree ! 


Lastly in my window, I got this glass flask from Michaels on sale for $4.99 (which I put those glow in the dark crystals in ); I got the small Halloween sign from Wal-Mart for $2.98 and the glitter pumpkin came from Dollar Tree.

I know that it may look like my decorations are all over the place, but I like it like that ! They’re simple, and fun ! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to put up Halloween decorations, heck you can even reuse some from last year ! You can have fun and save money decorating for Halloween, and if you need suggestions, the stores I named above are great places to look and shop ! Thanks again boils and ghouls for reading ! Until next time !

“Ooohh, I Have Been Chosen”

pp 9

I love this flatlay look ! Honestly I think I’m getting addicted to doing them; They’re fun to do, and a great way to show your creative side lol…Here’s my outfit I wore to see Toy Story 4 ! What do y’all think ? I like it ! 

PP 2

To INFINITY and your MOM ! Ha this is one of my favorite lines from the Toy Story 4 trailer; You guys know I had to buy this shirt the minute I saw it in Target, and of course this was in the men’s section, they always have the best graphic tees ! These little green aliens have my heart and I thought this was a cute, but simple Toy Story themed outfit ! 

Shirt: Target

Pizza Crossbody Bag: Walmart

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Toms 

Keychain: Box Lunch

The Clawwww ! 

How cute is this ? I had to buy this phone case the minute I saw it ; and there I go getting creative lol, seriously I can’t help myself.. Yo girl got some skills lol

Phone Case: Red Bubble

PP 8

PP 6









Instagram Rewind- Avengers: Endgame Countdown

AVENGE 4A little over a month ago on April 26, 2019, the most anticipated, blockbuster movie of the year was released; Of course that movie I am talking about is Avengers: Endgame. You guys know how much I love the MCU and Marvel movies and on my Instagram page throughout the month of April, I’ve posted pics of my Marvel content to help countdown until the release of Avengers: Endgame and to also show my love for the MCU. The MCU is one of my favorite franchises; each of the movies tell a great story with these amazing characters, and the fact that the stories are connected, and are done so brilliantly makes it even more amazing. Here’s a rewind of last month in honor and celebration of MCU’s 22nd film Avengers: Endgame: I’ve included some of my MCU content from my Instagram page below. And also can we just give a shout out and acknowledge that Endgame is still out there breaking records at the box office !

I was excited when I had the idea of doing Marvel content throughout the month of April to celebrate the release of Avengers: Endgame; Cause as you can tell I loveee Marvel… And just in case you are wondering yes, there will be more Marvel posts and content 😉

Thanks for reading my post !






Thinking About Traveling Solo ?

wanderlust 1

Wanderlust is the strong desire to travel. Whether that means traveling to other countries, states, cities, or towns, I can definitely say that I have this desire. While I haven’t traveled solo, I often think about this and how it would be to travel by myself. Sometimes you have friends and family that cannot makes those trips or you have people who like to travel solo to have that freedom to do what they want when traveling. I follow blogs and Instagram pages that often go on solo trips and if they can do it, so can I.  Some of these blogs and pages have great tips on solo travel, which is helpful, if you are interested in traveling by yourself; I am aware a topic or idea like this may raise questions and concerns like it did with me, that’s why I see no problem following or reading about traveling solo so you can have an idea on how to prepare and enjoy yourself. One solo travel blog in particular, which I will link below has some helpful and detailed tips (which I love). While traveling is a dream/ goal of mines, I do hope solo traveling is something I can do soon.

Here are some perks of solo traveling from

-You do what you want, when you want. Traveling single, you’re on your own schedule.

-You’re free to meet locals and other travelers — and, because you’re alone, it happens often and easily.

-You’re able to focus on the destination and all it offers without distractions.

-You enjoy periods of quiet for reading, art, reflection… you have as much downtime as you want.

-You follow your own interests, be they bungee jumping or combing archives.

-You receive special treatment as locals often go out of their way to enhance your solo travel experience.

I mean how NICE does this sound — Traveling with others is fun, but to have and go by your own schedule, and to do things that you like to do is even better !

To read more helpful, detailed, and great tips on solo travel, definitely check out the following link:

Also leave a comment below if you plan to travel solo, or if you have traveled solo ! 

wanderlust 2

Universal 2


The Juicy Crab With The Family


I had a really good time at The Juicy Crab with my family; My cousin recently had birth and was ready to get out , she kept saying how excited she was to be out the house and I was happy for her. It was about six of us and my nephew, and we had fun. My cousin bought us three rounds of shots plus Jello shots (can you say lit lol ), we were having a good time ! We are big on family and having fun, and since we haven’t gotten together in a while, this day was much needed. Having been to The Juicy Crab three times, this time the seasoning was okay, but overall the food was pretty good, the third time around lol.. Here are some pics below !

That’s Me !
Shot of Peach Ciroc and Jello shots (Sex On The Beach and Pineapple flavor)
A closer look at my Sex On The Beach drink
I got the Make Your Own Seafood Combo, I decided to get a pound of shrimp, which also included corn and potatoes for $18 
Another round of shots !
IMG_1857 (1)
Our last shots before we left.

That day in The Juicy Crab was a fun time with my family, I cannot wait for our next family gathering ; If you ever visit Jacksonville, FL and you have a taste for seafood, I recommend you to stop by  The Juicy Crab ! Also feel free to comment below ; Thanks for reading !