March Movie Reviews

I was hoping to see a few movies during the month of March, however with the Covid-19 pandemic getting worse, many movie theaters have been shut down and many of my anticipated movies of the year have been delayed, with some being pushed back to a 2021 release. Luckily I was able to still see Sonic The Hedgehog in theaters, and I watched The Hunt via digital release so the two reviews below will be on those two movies.

The Hunt ( 2020) – Rating: 4/5

The hunt 2

This movie was supposed to be released last year in September, and finally it gets released last month on Friday the 13th and then a few days later, the movie is released digitally due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Hunt is a fast-paced film, the movie comes on and gets right into it, and the hunt begins lol. I liked that it was fast paced. The cast did a great job and there were plenty of familiar faces in the film, although some were short lived. I really liked this movie, it’s fun, thrilling, has some comedy, and action. I’d say to give it a watch if you are interested.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) – Rating: 5/5 

Sonic 2

After receiving backlash for Sonic’s appearance in the initial trailer, we were able to see Sonic’s new look, which left us happy with the results. I finally got to see Sonic, it is a fast-paced movie and I loved it ! The chemistry amongst the cast was great. Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik was awesome, and I think Carrey did a great job at playing this villain and was the perfect actor for this role. I also loved James Marsden character and Sonic’s relationship. It was cute, and I think both needed that friendship. This movie was full of energy, action, and is a fun, must-see movie. I’m happy I was able to see Sonic and yes I would recommend you to see this film.

That’s it for March movie reviews. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m not sure when the movie theaters will reopen, so I’m hoping for the best. As always thanks for reading !

February Movie Reviews

Well its the end of the month, and this month’s movie reviews includes a DC female kickass film, a horror movie based on a 1970s tv show, a sequel to a film about a doll, and a highly anticipated modern take on HG Wells classic tale. Keep reading for my thoughts on these movies ! 

The Invisible Man (2020) – Rating: 5/5

The Invisible Man 4

One of my favorite directors, Leigh Whannell who directed some of my favorite horror movies like Saw and Insidious, has written and directed The Invisible Man, I was excited and ready to see this movie, since I saw the first trailer. The cast does an amazing job, especially Elisabeth Moss, who gives a brilliant performance. Leigh Whannell delivers on HG Wells classic tale, and perfectly mixes the horror, sci-fi, and the suspense into this movie, and delivers another horror hit. I also enjoyed the movie’s score and cinematography, which I think is always an important aspect of a movie, especially horror films. This modern take on The Invisible Man is suspenseful, captivating, and a must watch. This movie is crafted with suspense from beginning to end, and there’s a plot twist. Leigh Whannell once again delivers a horror masterpiece, and one of the best movies of the year !

Brahms: The Boy II (2020) – Rating: 2.5/5 

the boy 3

I’m not sure if I ever suspected that a sequel to 2016’s The Boy would’ve been released, but I wanted to see this film, since I thought The Boy was pretty good. At 1 hr. 26 mins. I felt that the movie moved at a decent pace, it wasn’t a slow movie. The acting in this movie was good, I enjoy seeing Katie Holmes in these roles, which reminds me of her role in 2010’s Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. What I liked about this movie is that it gave the audience a little more background on Brahms (the doll), which the first movie didn’t elaborate on. This movie does serves up the creepy factor, thanks to the doll. I thought I liked this movie better than the first one, but I disagree, and I would prefer the first film. Brahms: The Boy II is not a must see, and you can wait to rent this movie from the Redbox, if you don’t want to see this in theaters.

Fantasy Island (2020) – Rating: 3/5

Fantasy Island

Welcome to Fantasy Island ! This movie is based on the 1970s tv series of the same name. While I haven’t seen the tv show, after watching the trailers I thought it would be interesting. Now despite what critics and viewers have said about the movie, I liked Fantasy Island. No, it isn’t a horror masterpiece, but it’s a fun and thrilling movie. The film takes us into the fantasies of the guests staying on Fantasy Island; While at first the fantasies seem great, they soon realize the fantasies become real and aren’t as they hope. I thought the cast did good, and the plot twist at the end was unexpected. Fantasy Island is a fun, breath of fresh air lol, and if it piqued your interest, then I would go check it out.

Birds Of Prey: And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn (2020) – Movie Rating: 4.5/5


Four years after Harley Quinn stole the show in 2016’s Suicide Squad, we finally get a solo movie from her featuring the Birds Of Prey. Margot Robbie IS Harley Quinn, so it’s always a treat to see her onscreen. Now that Harley and Mr. J broke up, Harley is on a path of self-discovery and along that path, after Gotham hears of her and The Joker’s breakup, they see that as opportunity to take action on Harley Quinn, with some wanting her dead. Not only that, but she meets a few dames along the way, that are too on Black Mask “hit list”. The casting in this movie was pretty much prefect and they gave us great performances as their characters. Ewan McGregor as Black Mask was great, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress was a total badass even though more screen time from her would’ve been great, and the soundtrack was fitting for the movie. The outfits in this movie that Harley wears are colorful and outrageous, the actions sequences were amazing and what you would expect from a DC film, I loved it ! Birds of Prey is a fun, action filled, funny, must see film, that I definitely recommend you to watch.

This wraps up this month’s movie reviews, tune into next month and look out for what movies I see next. Thanks for reading !

January Movie Reviews

Hi everyone, so I decided to post short movie reviews monthly, which I think will be great. This month’s movie reviews includes Underwater, Bad Boys For Life, The Turning, and Little Women. For my thoughts on these movies, then keep on reading ! 

Little Women (2019) – Rating: 5/5

little women 15

Greta Gerwig directed 2019’s Little Women, and with her directing and the movie having an amazing cast, I was sold on seeing this movie. I really loved Greta Gerwig’s film adaptation of Little Women, it’s the first film adaptation of the book that I’ve seen and it is so good, and now I want to read the book. Little Women is a wonderful film with a stellar cast, amazing performances, and a great story; This film also earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination. I’m so glad that I finally saw this movie, because truly it’s one of the best films of 2019 and Greta Gerwig made this classic book into a modern, passionate, beautiful, and timeless film that makes you feel good after watching it.

The Turning (2020) – Rating: 2.5/5

The Turning 3

The Turning had a runtime of 95 minutes and the movie was okay, although I was slightly disappointed. The movie wasn’t completely scary, but it did have a few jump scare scenes, especially with the ghosts. A few words come to my mind when I think of this movie: a little awkward, interesting, slightly confusing, and a little weird. I had questions about certain things in the movie, which wasn’t thoroughly explained. The ending of the movie wasn’t my favorite because you would’ve thought another scene was coming next, but then all of a sudden the movie ended abruptly and you see the credits being shown. Overall if you are curious about this movie, then I would say check it out.

Bad Boys For Life (2020) – Rating: 4/5

bb4l 2

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are back as Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, and just as their partnership has shown to be a great and funny one in the previous films, it holds true in Bad Boys For Life. I love the onscreen and real life relationship of Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. They’re both funny, have each other’s back, and complement each other, since they are opposites lol. I honestly cannot think of a better duo to star as Burnett and Lowrey other than Lawrence and Smith. Bad Boys For Life has the action, the laughs, the surprises, the great chemistry amongst the cast, new characters, old characters, and an explosive plot. I loved Bad Boys For Life, and it is my favorite movie of the three films. This movie is fun, entertaining, action-packed, funny, and a crowd pleaser.

Underwater (2020) – Rating: 3.5/5

Underwater 10

The visuals in this movie were nice, including the action scenes and whenever we saw the creatures. This movie also featured some great cinematography, especially underwater, even though it was dark, and there was debris, it was shot beautifully. And while the movie isn’t super scary, there were a few jump scare scenes that had my heart racing because you’re slightly scared for the crew and want them all to survive and at the same time wonder what is attacking the crew. After a while we get a look at the grotesque, humanoid sea creatures. This is a fun, entertaining, intense, fast paced movie that features a great, lead performance by Kristen Stewart, along with the other cast members ! Underwater is a good horror movie and while it may be slightly terrifying, it’s a treat to watch, and a movie I recommend you to see.

That’s it, thanks for reading and tune in to next month’s movie reviews !

My Top 10 Movies Of 2019


The year is nearly over, and 2019 has brought us some great films this year; So of course I made my Top 10 Movies Of The Year list; It was kind of hard putting this list together, because like I stated earlier, 2019 had some really great films and I enjoyed the movies I’ve seen this year (some of which have become my favorites); Also just wanted to say that I haven’t seen alot of movies that came out this year, but I did see a pretty decent amount of movies that I could not wait to see. In addition to listing my top ten movies of the year, you’ll also see short excerpts from my past movie reviews that I did on the films this year. Let’s check out the list ! 

10. Toy Story 4


“The animation in this movie is amazing, the details, the vivid colors; its like the animation gets better with each movie… Without spoiling the movie, there are some surprises in the film, especially the ending ! I loved Toy Story 4 so much, I would go see it again. This movie is fun, surprising, heartwarming, and has that Pixar humor that we love. I laughed, smiled, and teared up.”

9. Shazam 


“And can we pleaseee discuss Zachary Levi, I mean he was born for this role, besides being incredibly handsome and charismatic, he embodied this character so well; His acting as a 15 year old boy is so good; Him juggling and learning how to use his powers, makes him into this likable hero; You can tell Levi enjoyed playing this role. This is an unique superhero film, not like others we’ve seen in a while. Shazam! is fun, entertaining, amazing, funny, heartwarming, and pure magic. I am in love with this movie.”

8. John Wick 3: Parabellum

JW 10

“I love Keanu as John, he has that cool laidback personality, the moves, and knows how to fight. Keanu is perfect in this role. Also let’s talk about the action in this movie, which is amazing ! There were assassins coming left and right at John to claim that $14 million bounty and of course he always came out on top; Whether its breaking a guy’s neck with a library book or killing a guy with five knives, I was just looking at the screen in awe.”

7. Doctor Sleep


“The cast in this movie did an amazing job, the acting was great, and the new characters were interesting. Rebecca Ferguson gave a terrifying performance as Rose the Hat, a cult leader who feeds on children with psychic powers…. Being a sequel to the horror classic, The Shining, the movie stands on its own, and it shines lol. I really enjoyed this movie, it’s definitely one of my favorite movies of the year ! The movie score was haunting, and the visuals were stunning, I was not disappointed.”

6. Midsommar 


“After watching this movie I felt the same way I felt while watching Hereditary. You have questions after what you’ve just see, not in a bad way, but in an interested way. The acting was great, especially the performance by Florence Pugh; The plot was interesting, and overall Midsommar is a terrifying, gruesome, intense, and shocking movie, I loved it. If you enjoyed Hereditary, then you’ll love this one.”

5. IT: Chapter Two

IT 12

“They all did a great job of acting. I also loved how we were able to see flashbacks of the young Losers Club, including scenes we did not see in the first film, it was kind of nostalgic. Let’s talk about the star of the film, Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. I love Bill as Pennywise; he gives a great performance, just like how he did in the first film. He’s menacing, creepy, and terrifying. IT: Chapter Two is a great conclusion to the story and I think it is just like the first film: a horror masterpiece.”

4. Joker


“The role of The Joker has great character development, and Joaquin brought that darkness and tragedy to the role. My favorite part of the movie is maybe about the last 45 minutes to a hour of the film, when Arthur Fleck, embraces his Joker alter ego; That last hour of the movie gave me chills, I loved it ! Another thing about this movie is the suspense; It’s like you don’t know what will happen next, but I think that’s a great thing. Joker is an amazing, dark, gritty, and intense masterpiece taking us into the origin of Gotham’s and comic book’s iconic and greatest villain. Joaquin Phoenix gives a tour de force performance, which deserves an Oscar nomination and a win for sure !”

3. Us 

US 1

“The stand out amongst the actors is leading lady Lupita N’yongo; I mean she was amazing, giving both a creepy and outstanding performance. The use of music throughout the movie was on point; The creepy remix of Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It”, which was also featured in the trailers was rightly placed when ever it was played in the film. As I stated on earlier in this review, Jordan Peele makes great films that are interesting and unique. His films are good on having messages and is big on symbolism which I think is pretty dope.”

2. Knives Out

Knives Out

“I came into the movie theater with high hopes and excitement and let me tell you I was not disappointed. Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc, I really loved him in this role, he made a great detective, and was the only one who solved the murder, and did I mention his accent, like I really love it lol, I don’t think I could’ve seen any other actor in this role besides Daniel Craig. The suspense and mystery of finding the murderer was fun, exciting, and had me on the edge of my seat, because anybody could’ve been the suspect and had motive. Knives Out is a funny, modern, stylish, and fun, whodunit with an ensemble cast that gives the audience strong acting and memorable characters.”

1. Avengers: Endgame


My most anticipated movie of 2019 is my top favorite movie of the year, are you surprised lol ? – “This movie had me on the edge of my seat — Not in a horror movie thriller type way, but in a way where you have this built up anticipation and you are excited yet anxious not knowing what will happen next. Over 10 years leading up to this, and the fans got the movie we’ve been anticipating, including a few surprises (yes surprises). I cried several times during the film, I cheered, and laughed –This movie was definitely an emotional roller coaster. Endgame is a great conclusion to wrap up the first three phases of the MCU movies.”

Honorable Mentions (I loved these films as well)

Spiderman: Far From Home

Ready Or Not

Captain Marvel


Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

21 Bridges

Annabelle Comes Home

Frozen 2

Godzilla: King Of Monsters

The Prodigy